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:: Welcome

Opta Enterprises (C.I) Limited is a Guernsey based business builder (incubator), specialising in Intellectual Property (IP).
We help you to:

  • identify
  • value
  • protect and
  • commercially exploit IP
Welcome to the Opta Enterprises Website

:: Our Services

We provide high value-added advice and assistance to IP owners, ranging from private individuals to medium size businesses, with a particular focus on start-ups.

At our core lies a passion for creativity, innovation and excellence. We are both guided and driven by our passion. Fundamentally we are hands-on business creators and builders, rather than simply arms-length analysts and advisors.

We are small, a 'David' amongst 'Goliaths', this is one of our strengths. It means we have to be very selective, we only take on business build projects where we know we can add significant value and we are confident of 'success'.

Small we may be, but we have been living and breathing IP for over thirty years and consequently have an extensive international network of professional service providers. These include: technical subject matter specialists, IP lawyers, patent agents, accountants and tax specialists.

In addition, we can help you to find seed capital funding via our network of angel investors and UK Venture Capital Funds.

Meeting your needs by applying our pool of knowledge, experience and resources is what we offer, we strive to do 'good things, often', and hope that one day we will do so for you.

:: Your IP Rights

You may already own protected, commercially exploitable Intellectual Property (IP) rights without realising it. For example, copyright is an automatic right which does not require any filing or registration. In contrast, patents and registered trademarks need to be applied for.

The IP rights we cover include:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright (including recording, broadcasting & software rights)
  • Design Rights
  • Peformers' Rights (including recording rights)
  • Image Rights

Smart businesses and individuals separate the holding and licensing of IP rights from the manufacturing and selling of derived products and services. This can make a lot of sense both financially and operationally, and gives great flexibility.

For many individuals their passion lies with fulfilling a dream and being hands-on all the way, through conception, birth and maturity, and perhaps re-birth. We make it a priority to rapidly identify business and individual motivations and goals.

Typically our clients and joint venture partners are either individuals or small to medium size businesses, and we customise our services accordingly.

:: Why Guernsey?

Guernsey is a natural first choice as an offshore location for holding and licensing IP rights. English speaking and easy going Guernsey is also a great place to live.

Guernsey has zero company tax for non-finance sector companies and zero capital gains tax. Both individuals and companies involved with licensing IP rights can benefit from Guernsey's tax regime.

Having reviewed and continuously modernised its IP legislation over the last seven years Guernsey is fast becoming a world class centre of excellence for individuals and companies wanting to hold and manage their IP offshore.

Guernsey has also introduced legislation enabling the securitisation of IP rights which makes simple debt financing secured on IP assets possible.

A modern on-line company registration and filing system makes creating a company and managing annual filings quick and easy.

Located just 50kms from the coast of France and 120kms from the south coast of England, Guernsey is well-placed for short flights and regular high-speed ferry services. Just 40 minutes flying time to London Gatwick.