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:: About Opta Enterprises C.I. Ltd

Opta Enterprises C.I. Ltd was established in 1997, spawned out of Opta Consulting Ltd (the first Opta company established in 1988), as a result of the first 'dotcom boom'. Opta Enterprises was created as a 'business incubator' initially focused on the dotcom opportunities introduced by Opta Consulting, which could benefit from Guernsey's off-shore economy.

Since 1997 Opta Enterprises has increased its breadth and depth of experience to include IP and business franchising. Today its primary interest and focus is on the identification, valuation, protection and commercial exploitation of high value IP with global potential.

Over the years Opta has work with a wide range of clients, from multi-national companies and organisations to individual artists and inventors. Our passion and consequent preference is working with start-ups and new product/service launches.

:: Adrian Bott

Adrian Bott

Adrian Bott, Business Development Director, has worked in professional qualification publishing and training in the UK. He has worked closely with a specialist marketing company that grew into a global IP owning business and is an active director of Traineasy Ltd, a UK-based e-learning content developer and software reseller that was founded by Opta in 1999. He developed the European reseller network for a US e-learning company Intralearn, a joint venture that Opta created and was eventually absorbed by the parent company. Adrian is a Guernseyman with a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University.

:: David Honey

David Honey

In recent times David has been described as a 'serial entrepreneur' on the back of his unique experience in financing and managing business start-ups. Start-ups large and small; from Prudential Bank and egg, to Opta Index (sold to BSkyB), Opta Consulting (sold to US consulting giant SAIC), SiteConfidence (sold to NCC), and Oh-So Ltd (private sale).

David was one of the founding shareholders and directors of World Media Rights (WMR) a specialist international television intellectual property rights company.

More information about David Honey.

:: Rick Rowland

Rick Rowland

Rick Rowland joined Opta as a Director in 1997 to work with David in setting up Opta Enterprises. He has a degree in Management Sciences and is a Graduate of the Institute of Personnel Development.

He worked in British Telecom before joining Mercury in 1990. He has comprehensive experience in customer service, call centre operations and the use of IT to support these activities.