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:: David Honey - Opta Enterprises Guernsey

David Honey was born in Guernsey and has a degree in electrical engineering, specialising in telecommunications, from Essex University. David's first experience of intellectual property was gained whilst working for Phillips Industries during the early 1980s, evaluating patented technologies with a view to widening their application and commercial exploitation. David's move, in 1985, into management consultancy with Deloitte Haskins & Sells gave him a unique opportunity to broaden his experience in project and programme management of large projects across the telecommunications, media and finance sectors. Leaving Deloittes in 1988 David Honey started his first business, Opta Consulting, which over a ten year period expanded into the 'Opta Group', consisting of: Opta Consulting, Opta Resources, Opta Index and Opta Enterprises.

CEO and founder of Opta Enterprises, David Honey has a wealth of experience in the UK finance, telecommunications and media sectors. In the 1970s and 1980s he worked in engineering positions for companies such as; Marconi, Phillips Industries, and Mitel. This is where he got his first experiences of intellectual property. Between 1985 and 2004 he worked as a consultant for clients such as: JP Morgan, Citibank, Prudential, the BBC, O2, and Vodafone. In 1988, David Honey started up his own specialist project management consultancy, Opta Consulting. Over a period of fifteen years he used this as a vehicle and business incubator to establish around twelve separate business spin-outs.

Since 1999, when he sold Opta Index Ltd, David Honey has been both an angel investor in, and hands-on builder of business start-ups. The subsequent trade sales of Opta Consulting Ltd, Site-Confidence Ltd and Oh-So Ltd have re-enforced his reputation as a successful investor and serial entrepreneur. Opta Enterprises (C.I.) Ltd, based in Guernsey, is the preferred vehicle for his IP based business interests and opportunities.