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:: Engagement

Once we have received confirmation from you that you wish to engage us and we have an NDA in place, then we will work with you to create an 'Engagement Letter' within 10 working days.

The 'Engagement Letter' will include:

  • Terms of Reference (ToR) for the work
  • Definition of criteria for success
  • Description of all deliverables
  • Workplan: timeframe, dependencies & agreed dates
  • Allocated resources & responsibilities
  • How Opta will be rewarded e.g. fees or equity
  • Bilateral Terms of Business (ToB)

We will endeavour to keep the Engagement Letter focused and as short as possible. Typically, it is 2-5 pages long, supported by any standard documents in appendices.

The Engagement Letter is essentially an offer from Opta to you, it documents what we believe we can achieve for you, the value we can add, in what timeframe and how we will be rewarded. The offer will be dated and will automatically expire after 30 days if not accepted or formally extended within this time period.

Once accepted by both parties, the Engagement Letter is contractually binding, hence, we will use our best endeavours to ensure it is clear and unambiguous. We will not move forward to the next stage of our approach until it has been agreed and signed off by both parties.

Like our 'Initial FastTrack Appraisal' stage the 'Engagement' stage is provided free of charge.

:: Initial FastTrack Appraisal

Based upon initial information emailed to us at and, most probably, a subsequent 15-30 minute telephone conversation, we will decide if there is an adequate match between your identified needs and our abilities to meet them.

The information we require in this first submission includes the following pre-NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) details:

  • contact name, email address & tel number
  • summary of 'needs' (what looking for) from Opta
  • desired timeframe for meeting these needs
  • outline description of IP/business opportunity
  • any protected IP e.g. patent numbers, copyright
  • summary of associated achievements to date
  • anything else we should know at this stage?

From receipt of the initial submission we will respond within 3 working days; either with a decision to decline, giving our reasons, or by arranging a follow-up telephone conversation.

Within 5 working days of a follow-up telephone conversation we will communicate our decision on whether to proceed or not, and the reasons for our decision. We will be honest with you as to our reasons and will only give advice if we feel qualified to do so.

Once both you and us have agreed to move to the next stage, 'Engagement', we will put a contractually binding bilateral NDA in place.

Our 'Initial FastTrack Appraisal' stage is provided free of charge.

:: Mobilisation & Achievement

The pedigree and greatest depth of experience at Opta is in professional project management specialising in business start-ups, product/service launches and business transformations. This professional experience has been gained over a period in excess of 20 years.

We pride ourselves on making good things happen, within budget, on time, every time! This requires co-ordinated team work, coupled with good planning, preparation and mobilisation of resources, with a particular focus on:

  • financial resources - management & accounting
  • people resources - right people, right place, right time
  • operational resources - the right tools for the job
  • clear, ambitious, yet achievable goals
  • motivations & rewards consistent with the goals
  • a collective passion for achievement & success
  • dynamic performance management & monitoring

Protecting IP or creating a commercial IP licensing agreement are no different, in project management terms, than building a new IP based business, or launching a new product; they are all projects with specific goals. They should have clearly identified start and end dates, goals, deliverables and budgets.

Consistent high achievement or excellence does not just happen; it requires the right mindset and skills set. It requires relentless focus, dedication, determination and hard work. All of these attributes we can bring to bear and help to instil in others.

We have confidence in our abilities to create, motivate and manage high performance teams, so much so that we are prepared to consider being rewarded based upon what we help to achieve and the value that we add.